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Want to know the secret to meaningful marketing?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: it isn’t about doing more things. . .

it’s about doing the right things.

I know because I've been there. . .

When you’re running a business and making an impact, time is always tight. 

Achieve greater results with your marketing without DOING more. 

Nurture Copywriter. Content Strategist. Lover of all things cozy.

Maybe you’re like me in some ways. As someone born in the 70’s, I grew up in an era of “hustle culture” and “never enoughness.” 

There was a very real expectation for women to show up in the workplace as someone they weren’t. For years, there seemed to be an unspoken understanding that if you wanted to compete, you had to be someone you weren’t, you had to work harder than others, and you might get lucky if you met the right people.  

I’ve watched too many women give up on their dreams because they didn’t understand how they could be in alignment with themselves AND still get ahead. 

Hey there! I'm Laura

I love to help women business owners find ease in their marketing message and share it in a way that attracts and connects with their ideal clients. 

Over the past six years as a copywriter and content strategist, I’ve learned a lot about showing up authentically in your business and leveraging relationships as a growth strategy. 

The most successful businesses are ones that focus on relationships. They get to know their clients and personalize their marketing and their offers to their needs, but they also access their own unique personality and positioning instead of competition and sleazy marketing tactics. 

There’s enough abundance for everyone.


Here's how I may be able to help you ...

Nurture Copy & Content on Retainer

Ongoing copy and content projects such as repurposing, optimization, and management are available in quarterly retainer packages. 

VIP Days

Most work can be done during a VIP Day focused exclusively on you! Think landing pages, email sequences, web copy, or blog content to educate your audience.

the Blog

Learn about content strategy, nurture copy, email marketing, business, and productivity and how they can help support you in growing your biz.

"Laura is an amazing copywriter with many talents. She has written blog posts, email sequences, and launch copy for me. She's very good at capturing my brand voice and offers good suggestions for strategy and improvements."
Karrie Bhurgari
Founder, OBM, KMB Digital, Inc.

What I believe

I believe your content is a powerful tool in building relationships with your audience so they are excited to work with you when you share your offers