I'm Laura, a Copywriter & Content Strategist
for Inspired Entrepreneurs

After graduation, I started my career as a teacher. While I could nerd out for hours on all things history and literature related, my 20-something year old self couldn’t figure out why most of my high school freshman didn’t seem to care.

I wasn’t that uncool already, was I? (truth: I was never cool.)

And while I could have easily blamed it on changing hormones and short attention spans, but really, what I discovered was that a lot of the curriculum didn’t have context or accessibility for them. It wasn’t meeting them where they were.

You're in business to change lives - including your own.
To do that you know you need to attract more readers, grow your email list, and convert your followers into clients.

I’m willing to bet your audience is a lot like my high-school students were years ago. 

They need to find your content engaging, meaningful, relevant, and helpful. 

Luckily, I’ve come a long way in figuring out exactly how to do that, plus your business is so much more exciting than 7th century literature. 

Chances are, until now you’ve probably been sold on the idea that more is better. . .more content, more platforms, more posting. So you’re everywhere! Blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reels, now TikTok. . .what’s next? Not only that, but you’re posting several times a day in order to try to keep up with the algorithm. 

Is the content hamster-wheel ever going to end?

It becomes too much:

✔️too much for your potential customer to sort through
✔️ too much for your busy reader revisit when there’s time
✔️ too much for your curious client to act upon 
✔️ too much for you to keep up with without burning out

Or maybe you have the opposite problem and everything above has just spun you into overwhelm and shut down because you can’t figure out where to start. (<< this was me)

You don’t need to keep creating more content. You just need to create the right content and then attach meaning and relevance to it with stories for your audience. 

When you use story-based content, you automatically create engagement with your readers, provide context for the information you’re sharing, and you also let them know more about your values and what it’s like to work with you. 

The Cliff-Notes Version

Over the past five years as a copywriter and content strategist, I’ve learned a lot about businesses, about authenticity in marketing, and about myself. 

The most successful businesses are ones that focus on relationships. They get to know their clients and personalize their marketing and their offers to their needs, but also they focus on their own unique personality and positioning instead of competition and sleazy marketing tactics. There’s enough abundance for everyone. 

As an INFP and Enneagram 9 (for you personality test fans out there), I have a gift for empathy and deeply feeling different points of view, a talent for weaving some stories into your writing (yours are better, but if you get stuck, no one will be the wiser), and I’m crazy good at research. 



Trust is the heart of everything. A business relationship founded upon respect, honesty, open communication can build a lifetime of collaboration. 


Creativity invites the “white space” that allows for rest,  playfulness, and joy in our lives. It’s also a new way to approach work with fresh eyes, especially when writing.


The content plans I create and the processes I share are simple and repeatable so you can have a sustainable business and enjoy more success with less time. 


I’m committed to learning new opportunities to serve my clients, asking questions and finding solutions when I don’t know the answers, and having a growth mindset. 


I believe your content is a powerful tool in building relationships with your audience so they are excited to work with you when you share your offers 

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