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In college, one of my favorite jobs was working weekends and summers in an antique shop. I loved the nostalgia for the collectibles, and listening to the stories people would tell as they browsed around. Pie plates reminded them of Sunday gatherings with family

Of course I had my memories too of nesting bowls and measuring cups like my grandmother used.

It wasn't the physical pieces that people wanted; it was the stories and the memories they bought. It was the connection to the people and things they found familiar.

My business was born out of my passion to help entrepreneurs tell the stories and make the connections that let people fall in love with their offers.

i'm so glad you are here!

 My bee tattoo reminds me of the importance of knowing your gifts and sharing them in spite of what others believe about you.

My prism tattoo reminds me that we all have the ability to turn the ordinary into something magical.

No. 1 -  tattooS

I like all the different coffees: regular, cold brew, iced, lattes, and frappuccinos. 

I’m less cavalier about wine, though – give me a good cabernet every time.

No. 2 - Coffee & Cab

I convinced my BFF to go with me to a Reiki I attunement that fall. I have since received my Reiki II, and I plan to take a Reiki III soon. It helps me with my everyday life, and I also incorporate it into my work as a writer.

No. 3 - Reiki

I hate crowds and loud noises (#empath) so concerts, parades, festivals… even crowded rooms, parties, and movie theaters can be challenging.

No. 4 - Quiet time

I am a total Martha Stewart and always have been – even as a kid! I do all things domestic, from sewing, knitting, quilting, gardening, and cooking. 
Twice I tried an Etsy shop, but found I did much better writing the content!

No. 5 - Martha

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For four years, I have been helping entrepreneurs create connections through soulful copy so they can amplify the impact.

We work together to analyze your current copy and your goals creating a detailed strategy in alignment with your values, your audience, and your offer so it feels like home.

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