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The 11th hour before your launch is too late to ensure your emails are hitting the inboxes and your subscribers are in love with your offers. 

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Stop Reinventing the Wheel

You've built a following based on your personality and content knowledge. Repurposing your content into your course is not only simple, it's a smart use of your resources and giving your audience more of what they crave.

Implement the Right Delivery

Make smart business decisions by utilizing the tools right for you in your stage of business. There is an array of course delivery mechanisms available for all course creators from free, low cost, mid-range, and high ticket.  

Reach a Diverse Audience

Understand the need for a variety of content formats so you can reach the diverse learners within your audience and beyond. Acknowledging the need for accessible and inclusive content is smart and heart-centered

Here's what you'll learn:

Getting great email enragement doesn’t have to be complicated

 – or time consuming.

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