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Brands are like people. If you stop to think about people you know, you could describe them pretty well. It’s the same with brands: they have values, personalities, and characteristics that help us get to know them and what they do. Developing a strong brand voice is important in creating connection with your clients.    […]

Chances are when you started your business you were in charge of everything: deciding on your niche, establishing your online presence, engaging with your audience, creating consistent content, setting up your tech, managing your books, working with clients, and so much more. As you are growing in your business, you may start delegating some of […]

Like many of you, I am empathic. So these past weeks hit me hard. The end of the 2019-20 school year brings my youngest transitioning to a new school, good-byes that took place virtually, and hugs and thank yous that would have been better exchanged in-person. Watching the slideshows and reading the heartfelt messages from […]

Benefits of Batching Creative Content

You are showing up in your business, whether on social media, podcasts, or live videos on your favorite site, but are you adding blogging to your content calendar? I am usually surprised to hear how many people don’t blog regularly in their business. Some feel it takes too long compared to a quick Instagram post […]

Blogging Benefits Your Spiritual Business

For some time, you have been working your business on your own. You’ve discovered your gifts, refined your offerings and services, marketed on social media, created courses, and managed all the bookkeeping. You have put your time in researching and wearing all the hats to make your business a success! Congratulations! You are anxious to […]

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